Look and Listen... | Regardez et écoutez ...

The Five Strands | Les cinq domaines d’étude

Geometry and Spatial Sense | Géométrie et sens de l’espace

Geometry is about shapes and their properties. Spatial sense is the intuitive awareness of one’s surroundings and the objects in them. This strand involves identifying and describing shapes, sizes, positions, direction, and movement. Students develop their spatial sense by visualizing, drawing, and comparing shapes and figures in various ways.

Highlights of student learning across grades 1-8 include:

  • sorting, classifying, comparing and distinguishing shapes and figures by geometric properties;

  • decomposing, composing and constructing various shapes and figures;

  • investigating and analysing relationships among shapes and figures;

  • relating the numbers of faces, edges, and vertices (objects, shapes, and figures);

  • identifying and measuring angles;

  • performing and describing transformations (reflections, translations, rotations, tessellations, and dilatations);

  • plotting points on a coordinate plane.