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Measurement | Mesure

Measurement involves an understanding of several concepts: the selection of appropriate measurement units in various situations; the quantity of measurement units required in various situations; the measurement processes; the use of measurement tools, and the use of estimation in measurement. Measurements are used to determine the height, length, and width of objects, as well as the perimeter, area and the volume.

Highlights of student learning across grades 1-8 include:

  • measuring time, temperature, length, mass, capacity, distance, perimetre, area, volume using non-standard and standard units;

  • comparing the length, mass and capacity of objects using non-standard and standard units;

  • measuring and converting metric units (meter, litre, and kilogram);

  • developing and applying formula for the perimeter, surface-area, area and volume of shapes;

  • developing, determining and applying perimeter relationships, surface-area relationships, area relationships and volume relationships for various shapes.