Look and Listen... | Regardez et écoutez ...

The Five Strands | Les cinq domaines d’étude

Patterning and Algebra | Modélisation et algèbre

Patterning involves analyzing and making predictions from patterns. Students identify patterns in shapes, designs, and movement, as well as in sets of numbers. They use concrete materials, graphs, tables, and descriptions to create patterns and to recognize relationships. The second focus of this strand is the concept of equality. Algebra involves using numbers and variables to represent equal quantities and students also develop techniques for solving equations.

Highlights of student learning across grades 1-8 include:

  • creating, generating and representing various patterns (repeating, growing, shrinking, relational, linear, and algebraic);

  • identifying the attributes of patterns (colour, shape, and size)

  • describing pattern rules;

  • determining missing numbers in equations;

  • investigating variables and solving equations;

  • using commutative, associative, and distributive properties to facilitate computation;

  • using graphs, algebraic expressions and equations to represent patterns;