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Determining Important Information |
À la recherche d’idées importantes

An important part of understanding what you have read is being able to separate what is really important from what is not.

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Good readers look for things that help them identify what’s important and why.

When reading a story (fiction), look for details about the following:

  • main characters | les personnages principaux
  • setting (when and where the story takes place) | le lieu
  • problem | le problème
  • solution | la solution
  • events (what happens) | le dénouement

When reading an information book (non-fiction), look at the following features
for clues:

  • titles and headings | titres et sous-titres
  • bold print | caractères gras
  • pictures and captions | photos et légendes
  • graphs and charts | graphiques et tableaux
  • index | index
  • glossary | glossaire   
  • text box | encadré
  • italics | italiques   
  • table of contents | table des matières