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Critical Literacy | Littératie critique

When readers are critically literate, they see themselves
as active participants in the reading process. 

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Critically literate readers recognize the need to question the author’s purpose for writing, the message and the viewpoint.

The need to approach text with a critical eye is especially important when children are using information from the Internet. Often, it is difficult for children to evaluate the credibility of the information presented.

The critically literate reader is also able to recognize advertising
tactics and the dangers of get-rich-quick schemes.

When reading with your child, you might discuss some of these questions:

What is the author trying to make me think about?
A quoi est-ce que l’auteur essaie de me faire penser ?

What language is the author using to make me feel this way?
Quels mots est-ce que l’auteur utilise pour me faire sentir comme ceci ?

How is the author trying to influence me?
Comment est-ce que l’auteur essaie de m’influencer ?

Whose viewpoint is represented in this text?
Quel point de vue est représenté dans ce texte ?

Whose point of view is missing?
Quel point de vue manque ?

How would the story be different if it were written from another character’s point of view?
Comment l’histoire serait-elle différente si elle était écrite du point de vue d’un autre personnage ?

Who would enjoy reading this article? Why?
Qui aimerait lire cet article ? Pourquoi ?

What is this ad trying to sell?
Qu’est-ce que cet avertissement essaie de vendre ?

Do you find this ad appealing? Why?  Why not?
Trouves-tu que cet avertissement est à-propos ? Pouquoi ? Pourquoi pas ?

Who might this ad be successful in targeting?
Qui trouverait cet avertissement un succès en ciblage ?