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Pause, Prompt, Praise | Pause, Guide, Félicite

When your child is reading, use a pause, prompt, praise approach.

  Download this Reading Strategy as a PDF.


When your child stops at a difficult word, have him/her pause briefly and give him/her time to use a reading strategy to figure out the word.


If your child is unable to figure out the word on his/her own, prompt him/her to use one of the strategies.


When your child uses one of these strategies, you might say:

  • I like the way you tried to work that out.
  • I’m glad you noticed that didn’t make sense / sound right/look right.
  • I saw you checking the picture. Good idea.
  • I like the way you skipped the word and then went back.

Sounding out slows down reading.

This makes it difficult for your child to understand the meaning of the story. Encourage your child to use one of the other strategies.