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What to do When Your Child Doesn’t Want to Read | Mon enfant ne veut pas lire! Quoi faire?

Remember, there are many things a child can read besides a chapter book.

  Download this Reading Strategy as a PDF.

Provide a variety of reading materials:
  • comics and joke books | bandes dessinées et blagues
  • instruction manuals | manuels d’utilisation
  • menus and recipes | menus et recettes
  • song lyrics | paroles de chansons
  • brochures, flyers | dépliants, pamphlets
  • signs | babillards d’annonces
  • cereal boxes | boîtes de céréales
  • emails, web pages, blogs | couriels, pages webs, blogs
  • letters | lettres
  • magazines | revues

Spend more time reading to your reluctant reader. 
  • Read with passion and enthusiasm
  • Replace a character’s name with your child’s name

Get caught reading.
  • Be a role model and sit down to read your own book
  • Talk to your child about what you are reading and why you are reading it

Use humour.
  • Reluctant readers often respond well to humour at their level

Introduce series books.
  • They often have predictable stories and characters which build confidence in reluctant readers

Visit the library.

Order your child a magazine subscription about a topic of interest. 
  • A magazine becomes a personal invitation to read when your child’s name is on the mailing label

Encourage family/friends to give their favourite books as gifts.